Marijuana Trafficking Charges Issue In Middlesex Superior Court In Woburn After Man Caught With 150 Pounds Of Pot

In July of this year Richard Cushnie was arrested in by members of the Massachusetts State Police. He was charged with Trafficking Marijuana after police found more than one hundred fifty pounds in his truck. The estimated street value of the drug is about three hundred thousand dollars. Apparently the drugs were located after police stopped Cushnie’s truck and conducted a search of the vehicle. The article is not clear as to why the officers stopped Cushnie, a New Mexico native, and what their reason was for subsequently conducting the search. Cushnie is being charged with Trafficking Over 100 Pounds of Marijuana. The case has been indicted by a Middlesex County Grand Jury and is now pending in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn.

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New Mexico Man Charged With Marijuana Trafficking In Woburn Massachusetts Superior Court

Many questions come to mind when reading this article. Why did the police pull Cushnie’s truck over. Did they have some information relative to possible drug dealings? Were they tipped off to possible drug dealings involving this truck or the driver? Was this a routine traffic stop that escalated into something more? Was a bail set back in July when Cushnie was arrested? Did he post bail or has he been held for two and one half months? The defenses to Drug Cases in Massachusetts involving stops, searches and seizures of drugs in motor vehicles usually center on the legality of the stop. There are literally thousands of Massachusetts appellate cases that address Search and Seizure issues. Each case is fact specific and the distinction among what actions taken by law enforcement are legal and which ones are violative of someone’s constitutional rights are often times slight. This is why any in Richard Cushnie’s situation needs an Experienced Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer like Stephen Neyman to fight his charges. Many times these cases can be won on constitutional grounds through motions to suppress or motions to dismiss.

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