Three From Wareham Charged With Drug Trafficking, Gun Possession After Search Of Apartment

On December 30, 2009 police on Cape Cod searched an apartment located at 6A Holly Street in Onset, Massachusetts. There they found prescription drugs, a large quantity of cocaine, an assault rifle, a handgun and ammunition. Both weapons were loaded. At the scene were Manuel Pina-Agee and Amanda Muller, both of Wareham. Both were arrested that night and charged with drug and gun violations. Not present was Theodore Lopes who has also been charged with these offenses. Police have been searching for Lopes since the home was searched. Lopes has been charged with Trafficking Cocaine and Gun Possession, both felonies in Massachusetts.

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Police Search For Cape Cod Resident Charged With Drug Trafficking, Gun Possession

When looking at this case any Plymouth County Massachusetts Drug Defense Lawyer who handles cases in Wareham would immediately want to know how is it that three people have been charged with these crimes. When a home is searched and more than one person is present there is always an issue as to who had ownership or possession of the illegal items. Simply being present where a crime is being committed is insufficient to sustain a conviction. In these cases motions to dismiss are usually filed and are often successful. Here is another thought. Why is Lopes being charged with these crimes? The article suggests that he was not present when the search took place. Had he been he would have been arrested. It is difficult and many times impossible for the district attorney to legally link someone to criminal activity when the person is not present, particularly in the case of drug matters and searches. This might very well be the type of case that Lopes can win.

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