Somerville Massachusetts Man Arrested And Charged With Open And Gross Lewdness After Fondling Himself In Front Of Three Women

On Labor Day three women were in a parking lot at a convenience store in Waltham, Massachusetts. At around 1:00 p.m. Christopher Gavilanes, a Somerville resident drove by them. While doing so he allegedly yelled out “hey ladies”. When they looked over Gavilanes was fondling himself. The women then called the police and provided them with Gavilanes’ license plate number. He was later arrested and charged with Open and Gross Lewdness. The case will be prosecuted in the Waltham District Court. Gavilanes was released on personal recognizance.

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Sex Crimes Charges For Somerville, Massachusetts Man Who Exposed Himself

Open and Gross Lewdness in Massachusetts is a felony in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 16. The statute permits a sentence of up to three years in state prison after a conviction. Typically these cases are prosectued in the district courts where the maximum sentence permitted by statute is two years in the house of correction. Judges can continue these cases without a finding. When that disposition is imposed the defendant is spared the stigma of a felony conviction. The case will be dismissed as soon as the defendant completes the terms of probation, if any, that are set by the judge or probation department. If Galvines has no criminal record that is how this case might get resolved.

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