Massachusetts Police From Braintree Randolph And Quincy Arrest Man For Possession With Intent To Distribute Oxycontins

Last week police officers from Braintree, Quincy and Randolph were looking for Anthony Bradley after they received a tip that he was selling drugs. The police knew Bradley as he had been arrested in the past for drug charges. As a result of this tip officers observed Bradley, whom they knew had a suspended drivers’ license, pull up to another car. Consequently the police arrested Bradley and searched his vehicle. While doing so they found Oxycontin pills in a make-up container purportedly belonging to his passenger. The female’s purse contained another container in which there were more pills. Bradley has been charged with possession of OxyContin with intent to distribute and conspiracy. He also faces Motor Vehicle Charges for driving with a suspended license. The passenger will also be charged however she was not arrested. The case is being prosecuted in the Quincy District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Stopped And Arrested On Drug Charges To Be Prosecuted In Quincy

Bradley might have difficulty defending the Motor Vehicle Crime however the drug case might not be so difficult. The article suggests that no drugs were found on Bradley nor did the police see him handling at all. The drugs were not remotely in his possession either directly or constructively. There is no evidence showing that Bradley had the intent to sell the drugs. Additionally, there is no evidence establishing that Bradley and his female passenger were conspiring to sell the drugs. Bradley might have a good shot at this case.

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