Saugus State Rep Sponsors Sex Offender Legislation Mandating Life Sentences For 3 Time Offenders

Donald Wong, a Saugus State Representative is a co-sponsor to legistlation designed to punish people convicted of multiple Sex Offenses to life in prison. This bill provides that anyone who is convited of three sex offenses by punished with a life sentence. If passed this law would not permit parole or any reduction in sentences. Under this bill there is no distinction among sex offenses. Wong has stated that one sex offense is as bad as another. Apparently this bill has the support of twenty nine other legislators.

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Saugus Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The term “Sex Offense” in Massachusetts contemplates many different types of crimes. The range and severity of crimes that fall under this title is dramatic. It includes Indecent Assault and Battery, Rape, Statutory Rape, Drugging A Person For Sexual Intercourse and more. It also contemplates crimes such Living Off the Earnings of a Prostitute, Enticing a Person for Prostitution or Sexual Intercourse. Child Pornography, Unnatural Acts with a Child and Exhibiting a Child in a State of Nudity are includeda s well. Similarly, sex crmies include Open and Gross Lewdness and Lascivious Behavior. All of these crimes are distinct in nature. They are not prosecuted consistently. Some are handled in the district court, others in the superior courts. Prosecutions for these crimes vary from county to county in terms of sentence recommendations. Each case rests on its unique set of facts. Some of these cases are resolved by probation, others involve jail time. A conviction for the crime of open and gross lewdness would be the same as a conviction for aggravated rape under this propsed law. If the law passes, expect constitutional challenges to follow and litigation on these cases to increase.

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