Prostitute Arrested In Saugus For Sexual Conduct For A Fee After Cops Respond To Backpage Advertisement

Jeanette Bearden of Carson, California was arraigned in the Lynn District Court yesterday after undercover police officers arrested her for Prostitution. Bearden, 44 had placed in advertisement on in which she offered unspecified services. Responding to the ad were local police officers. One of the officers called the number listed by Bearden. Bearden referred him to her website which provided a service and rate chart. With a surveillance operation in place the officer went to Bearden’s hotel room in Saugus, Massachusetts. She solicited him telling him that he would have to take his clothes off. The surveillance team entered the room and effectuated an arrest. The operation took place this past Wednesday. Bearden has been charged with Sexual Conduct for a Fee. Bail in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars was set.

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Massachusetts Prostitution Defense Attorney

Backpage has become the most popular website for this type of activity. Its popularity has soared since Craigslist got rid of its domestic erotic services section back in September of 2010. Making arrests for this activity is relatively easy however curtailing the activity is not. You can read internet articles and see that arrests are made daily using the investigative techniques that resulted in Bearden’s demise. However, compare this to the number of advertisements that are placed daily and you will see that eradicating this activity is impossible. Many of the people arrested in these operations are from out of state. They fly into a different city, set up their operation, work and leave after a short stay. This makes monitoring their activity difficult if not impossible. Prostitution laws differ from state to state. The prostitutes know this. Websites post comparative laws for prostitution convictions. This enables the more savvy participant the opportunity to keep his or her operation fluid and more likely to avoid detection.

Sex For a Fee in Massachusetts is a misdemeanor. There is a maximum one year house of correction sentence that can be imposed upon a conviction for the offense. For first time offenders a good Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney might be able to get the charges dismissed on court costs or convince the district attorney to agree to pre-trial probation. This makes your selection of a criminal lawyer all the more important. Before hiring a lawyer for a Prostitution in Massachusetts charge make sure that the lawyer has explained to you all of your rights and options. You also want to make sure your lawyer has experience in the court where you have been charged and that he or she has appeared before the judges who sit in that courthouse.

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