Plymouth County Man Charged With Child Abuse After Allegations That He Burned Girlfriend’s Son

John Foley of Abington, Massachusetts was released after posting fifty thousand dollars bail. He was held after being arraigned for allegations that he scalded his girlfriend’s two year old son. Apparently the incident occurred on April 2, 2010. The victim’s mother told police that while she was eating dinner Foley and her son were in the bathroom. She heard her son crying for ten minutes. She went to investigate. She observed her son’s hand to be red and burned. She claimed that Foley excused this as an accident. It is reported that the child’s right hand was burned down to his wrist, his left hand sustained burns as did his right foot. The victim’s mother initially told the police that this was an accident however she later recanted. Foley has been charged with Assault and Battery with Injury to a Child and Aggravated Assault and Battery on a Child. Charges are pending in the Wareham District Court.

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Child Abuse Defense Lawyer in Massachusetts

I would imagine that a toddler being scalded by hot water would let out a significant scream. Certainly this would be much more alarming than simply hearing the child crying. Would a mother really sit and listen to her child cry for ten minutes while she was finishing her dinner? Is it more likely that she would go into the bathroom to see what was happening to her child and to offer assistance to her boyfriend? These are issues that Foley’s Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer will likely be exploring as the case works its way through the Plymouth County Court system. And why is Foley being charged rather than the mother? Is it simply because she changed her story? And when did she change her story? After the medical personnel came to their conclusion that this was not an accidental splashing but an immersion of the child’s hand into hot water? It seems like Foley has a lot to work with in support of his defense.

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