Pistol Whipping In Haverhill Massachusetts Ends With Two Being Charged With Armed Robbery, Gun Possession

According to a report in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune a couple, Nicole Callahan and Brad Barton, living on Vernon Street in Haverhill invited Robert Donovan and Daniel Barley to their home. Shortly after their arrival one of the two brandished a Firearm. They demanded money from the victims. The couple said that they did not have any money. Barton was then pistol whipped. Callahan saw a gun pointed at her. The assailants left. The police were called. Callahan provided their names and stated that both were staying at a local hotel. Haverhill police went to the hotel and located Donovan and Barley in a car. A search of the car revealed a firearm. The defendants have been charged with Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Ammunition, Armed Robbery and Assault With a Dangerous Weapon. The case is currently pending in the Haverhill District Court.

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Any Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney reading this article will immediately sense something is illogical with the victim’s story. The defendants who are staying in a local hotel were supposed to “hang out” with Barton and Callahan. They get “invited” to their home, an apartment. For no reason they pull out a gun and demand money. Why would the defendants think that these people had money to surrender? The “something else” the article refers to that the defendants “had in mind” is exactly what a good criminal lawyer will investigate to defend this case.

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