Pair From East Bridgewater Charged With Trafficking OxyCodone After Home Is Searched

Mark Balboni and Chelsea McKay were arrested last night and are facing charges this morning in the Brockton District Court. The Brockton Enterprise reports that after months of investigating police officers from East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater and Whitman Searched a home at 2 Natalie Drive. During the Search officers found hundreds of prescription drugs, mostly painkillers. Balboni has been charged with Trafficking OxyCodone and Possession With the Intent to Distribute other substances. McKay has been charged with Conspiracy, Possession With Intent to Distribute Oxycodone and Marijuana. The case will be prosecuted in the Plymouth County Superior Court in Brockton. It is alleged that Balboni trafficked over twenty eight grams of oxycodone.

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Plymouth County Superior Court Drug Lawyer

Trafficking Oxycodone in the amount is a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32E(c). Anyone convicted of committing this offense in Massachusetts is guilty of a felony and must serve a minimum mandatory seven year sentence. The lack of detail in this article makes analyzing the defendant’s chances of success difficult. Questions that a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney would like answered are: 1) did the officers have a search warrant; 2) if not, did they have consent to search and if so, from whom; 3) what evidence do the officers have that links each individual to the drugs he/she is accused of intending to distribute; 4) where these defendants targeted as part of this investigation and for how long. Massachusetts Courts provide great protections against unlawful Searches and Seizures. Many cases are won by showing that a search was illegal. When consulting a lawyer make sure you go over each of these rights to see if your case is one that might be dismissed due to unlawful police conduct.

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