North Andover Massachusetts Man Faces Drug Charges Including Trafficking In Heroin and Trafficking In Oxycodone

Thirty-two year old Guarionex Pratts is charged with trafficking over 500 grams of heroin and trafficking over 28 grams of oxycodone. The Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports that a tip to the Drug Enforcement Administration Tipline led to the search of Pratts North Andover apartment located at 26 Royal Crest Drive Apartment #6. Apparently, Pratts consented to the search of his apartment in which investigators found 2.2 pounds of heroin, hundreds of oxycodone pills, $5,000.00 cash, drug packaging materials and heroin packaged for what investigators claim was for sale to customers. Pratts faces a fifteen year mandatory minimum sentence just on the heroin charge alone. According to the Tribune, the street value of the heroin is estimated at $150,000 and the street value of the pills is said to be valued at approximately $2,000.00. There was another drug raid at Royal Crest this fall which netted 54 kilograms of cocaine. Acting North Andover Police Chief Paul Gallagher stated that he has been working with the management at Royal Crest to start a Neighborhood Watch Program, which they evidently need!

One obstacle that defendants charged with drug offenses often face is that they often face mandatory minimum sentences. For example, if a defendant is charged with possession with intent to distribute or distribution of a controlled substance in a school zone, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance or distribution of a controlled substance as a subsequent offender or trafficking a controlled substance he or she faces at least two years to two years and a day from and after to twenty years in state prison. A defendant is often at the mercy of an unsympathetic District Attorney’s Office to either reduce the charge from a school zone or a second and subsequent offense to a first offense or reduce the amount alleged to have been trafficked so that a defendant can receive a reduced sentence. When a defendant is sentenced to a “mandatory minimum” sentence THE WHOLE SENTENCE MUST BE SERVED!” A defendant will not receive a reduction in time to be served based on good conduct or work.

That being said, there are many strategies that an experienced Boston area defense lawyer can employ to successfully defend these types of case. The following is a list of pre-trial evidentiary and non-evidentiary motions that, depending on the facts of a case, can be filed:
• Motion to Disclose Informant(s)
• Motion For Informant Regulations
• Motion For Disclosure Of Any Payment To An Informant
• Motion For Locations For School Zone Measurement
• Motion For List Of Experts
• Motion For Prior And Subsequent Bad Acts Of Defendant To Be Used At Trial
• Motion For Surveillance Location
• Motion For List Of Evidence Seized As The Result Of Any Search
• Motion For Certificate Of Analysis
• Motion To Sever Cases (If Applicable)
Evidentiary Motions
• Motion To Dismiss
• Motion To Suppress Stop And Evidence
• Motion To Suppress The Search And Evidence
• Motion To Suppress The Stop and Search And Evidence
• Motion To Remand Case To A Clerk’s Hearing (Misdemeanors Only)
• Motion For A “Frank’s Hearing”
• Motion To Suppress Statements

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