67 Year Old Haverhill Man Indicted For Rape Of A Child To Be Arraigned In Salem Superior Court

If today’s Lawrence Eagle Tribune story is true sixty seven year old Robert Levesque appears to be in a great deal of trouble. The Haverhill native is being charged with Rape of A Child and has been indicted by an Essex County Grand Jury. Levesque’s case will move from Haverhill to the Essex County Superior Court in Salem where he will be prosecuted. Apparently, on March 16, 2011, accompanied by his wife Levesque entered the Haverhill police station. There, he admitted to having sex with a girl under the age of sixteen. The act occurred over a one year period and consisted of several incidents of abuse. A judge set Levesque’s bail at ten thousand dollars.

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Salem, Massachusetts Child Rape Defense Attorney

Several times each week I get calls from clients telling me that they received a call from a police officer and that they were asked to go down to the station “to answer a few questions”. When they ask me if they should go down to speak with someone my advice is always NO! I have never seen someone talk himself out of a criminal charge. However, on countless occasions people who have visited the police station for questioning find themselves arrested and charged with a crime shortly thereafter. Some of these people never even get to leave the station. They get arrested on the spot. More unfortunate is that the large majority of these folks would not even be charged with crime had they called a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney and taken some simple advice: Do not talk to anyone other than your lawyer. Our constitution provides everyone with an absolute right against self-incrimination. You are under no obligation to answer questions asked by law enforcement personnel. More importantly however is the fact that your silence cannot be used against you in any way. Even at trial the police are not permitted to tell a jury that they asked you to come in to speak with them and that you refused. Whenever you are in doubt about your rights you should contact a lawyer. I am not saying that Levesque would not have been charged had he kept his mouth shut. Yet by admitting to having committed this crime he has made his defense much more difficult. There is nothing more damaging than an admission to a crime. Hopefully his lawyer will be able to somehow get his confession tossed. If not, at age sixty seven whatever sentence he gets after a conviction will likely seem like a life sentence.

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