Needham Massachusetts Man Charged With 5 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography After Co-Workers Find Images on Laptop

Last Thursday, Keith Millan was charged with five counts of Possession of Child Pornography in the West Roxbury District Court. According to a report on, Millan was an employee at a local property management company. It is alleged that co-workers found Child Pornography on his laptop. Images were also found on some compact discs and an external hard drive. Millan is a resident of Needham, Massachusetts. The images were characterized as disturbing and violent. Bail was set in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars cash.

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Massachusetts Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

As a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer I am seeing Child Pornography cases in being charged at an exponential rate. Online child pornography is one of the fastest growing internet based businesses worldwide. Just over three years ago there were over one thousand five hundred child abuse domains, more than one half of which were housed in this country. The demand for this material is growing at an alarming rate. One source estimated that back in 2005 the child pornography industry was grossing three billion dollars per year. There are studies that show that about forty percent of child pornography possessors had also had unlawful sexual contact with children. It is this fact that has prompted many Massachusetts prosecutors to advocate for more stringent penalties for people charge with Possession of Child Pornography even though Distribution of Child Pornography is considered the more serious offense in this state. These laws are getting tougher each time they are reviewed. There is a recent movement by federal prosecutors to have Congress increase the sentences for people convicted of child pornography possession cases. This is being watched closely by criminal lawyers in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

There are however problems inherent in most prosecutions for Possession of Child Pornography. Cases are charged when illicit images are found on someone’s personal computer, laptop, smart phone or other device. The first and most natural tendency is to accuse the owner of the property of possessing the material. This is not always fair. Most people, even today, are relaxed about these devices. People share cell phones and computers. They leave these items out in the open for hours or days at a time not worrying about who might be using them. People receive certain emails or texts that they immediately open or download without first checking to see if they know the sender. Spammers send links to illicit websites under the guise of a friend, employer, marketer and even at times a government agency. There is an inclination to open these messages, read them and to sometimes innocently download the content. The owner of the device can at times be oblivious to the presence of these materials. If caught up in this type of situation there is a great need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer, one who has defending child pornography case in Massachusetts with success.

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