Massachusetts Man Free On Bail After Being Charged With Child Enticement Through Texting

Michael Provencher was arraigned Tuesday in the Marlborough District Court on charges of Child Enticement. According to the Metrowest Daily News, Provencher girl under the age of sixteen received a text of a sexual nature from Provencher. It is alleged that the girl knows Provencher. Bail was set in the amount of two thousand dollars, a sum that Provencher posted.

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Massachusetts Child Enticement Defense Lawyer

Child Enticement in Massachusetts is a felony. It is punishable by up to five years in state prison. The facts of this case suggest that Provencher will be prosecuted in the district court where the maximum he faces is two and one half years in the House of Correction. The law punishes anyone who the district attorney can prove beyond a reasonable doubt entices someone under the age of sixteen with the intent to violate one of several statutes; i.e. Indecent Assault and Battery, Rape, Statutory Rape, Prostitution, Child Pornography and more. Factual impossibility is not a defense to this crime meaning that you can be convicted in a sting operation using undercover decoys who are not under the age of sixteen. The law pertaining to this crime is broad and unforgiving. These cases are often difficult to defend and require the expertise of an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer. Never wait. Hire a lawyer now and start your defense.

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