Man Charged With Attempted Child Kidnapping In Ayer Massachusetts Court

Last Friday Daniel O’Brien was arrested in Littleton, Massachusetts after trying to entice a twelve year old girl to meet him at a local train station. O’Brien is from Virginia. Authorities claim that after months of online exchanges with the girl he came to Massachusetts by train as planned. When he arrived he was met by local police and arrested him. O’Brien had a return ticket for the girl in his possession. Charges of Attempted Kidnapping and Child Endangerment are now pending in the Ayer District Court. Bail was set at fifty thousand dollars cash.

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Man To Be Arraigned For Attempted Child Abduction In Massachusetts

Typically in cases like this law enforcement officials are able to produce email and other computer generated correspondences between the victim and someone else. Identifying that other person accurately can be problematic. People use other people’s computers. Predators use fictitious names. IP addresses help narrow the search for the suspect but do not necessarily direct police to the culprit. Defending these case can be challenging. In Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers who Defend Internet or Cyber Crimes are necessary in these types of cases. Your best chance of success is hiring a Massachusetts Internet Crimes Lawyer to protect your rights. Prosecutors take these cases very seriously and they are usually prosecuted in the Superior Courts.

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