Lawrence Police Officer Charged With Assault And Battery On His Teenage Daughter

Angel Mejia, a Lawrence Police Detective, was arrested and charged with assault and battery on his sixteen year old daughter. According to The Lawrence Eagle Tribune, Mejia had a confrontation with his teenage daughter when he caught her attempting to sneak into the house at 5:45 a.m.. It is alleged that Mejia pushed his daughter onto the pavement, where she struck her face and suffered bruises and scrapes. It has been reported that the Detective also pushed her against the garage door and the refrigerator. This type of case is often categorized as a case of Domestic Violence and taken very seriously by prosecutors and the court system. Due to the fact that Mejia routinely works with prosecutors in the Lawrence District Court the case has been specially assigned to an Essex County Assistant District Attorney usually assigned to the Peabody District Court. The Detective was released and ordered to abide by any conditions ordered by the Department of Children and Family Services. Mejia is currently scheduled to return to court on December 21, 2009. The Tribune did not indicate whether the sixteen year sought a 209A restraining order against her father.

Based on the facts in this case, the defendant is likely charged with three counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. If convicted for assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon in Massachusetts, a defendant can be sentenced to up to two and one half years in jail on each count or up to ten years in state prison on each count. Here, the “dangerous weapons” would be the pavement, garage door and refrigerator. An object may qualify as “dangerous weapon,” within the meaning of statute either because it is dangerous per se, as an instrumentality designed and constructed to produce death or great bodily harm, or because it is used in dangerous fashion. Although a refrigerator, pavement or garage door are not “dangerous per se”, if they are used in a “dangerous fashion” they may be considered a dangerous weapon in Massachusetts. Some examples of objects that have been found to be dangerous weapons in Massachusetts that would not ordinarily be one are: pavement, sneakers, rings and a lighted cigarettes.

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