Malden Man Swallows Cocaine In An Effort To Avoid Prosecution

The Malden Observer reported
that a 23 year old man who had been arrested for motor vehicle
violations tried to avoid a cocaine prosecution by hiding the drug in
his crotch.  Apparently, after being arrested the man asked permission
to use the bathroom before he was formally booked.  A Malden Police
Officer walked the defendant to a cell and uncuffed him so that he
could urinate.  At that time the office saw the defendant take
something from his groin area, put it is his mouth and begin to chew
the substance.  The defendant refused the officer’s demands to spit the
object out after which the officer stuck his hand in the suspect’s
mouth.  The suspect was subdued when he tried to bite the officer’s
finger.  He then spit out a small plastic bag of cocaine. 

The incident started when another officer saw the defendant driving
a green 1997 Toyota Camry.  The officer knew that the defendant had
outstanding warrants.  Accordingly, he stopped the car.  The man was not wearing a seatbelt, was driving without a license and failed to stop or yield.  As a result he was arrested. 

In addition to the motor vehicle charges the defendant has been charged with possession of cocaine, a Class B substance.  The charges are pending in the Malden District Court
In Massachusetts this is a crime pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws
Chapter 94c Section 34.  Possession carries with it a possible one year
jail sentence.  It is possible and often the case that first offenders
will get their cases continued without a finding.  This is where good
lawyering comes in.  If you are charged with a crime like this you
should make sure your attorney is an experienced Massachusetts drug crimes defense crimes lawyer

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