Lynn Woman Charged In Salem With Witness Intimidation

Elizabeth Cushman, also known as Mama Deuce is being held on two thousand five hundred dollars cash bail for supposedly threatening a witness on a Domestic Violence case. It is alleged that Cushman who might have a role in the Deuce Boyz organization called and left a threatening message on the voicemail of a victim in a case involving Raymundo Henriquez, the reputed leader of the Deuce Boyz, a Lynn based street gang. Cushman is thirty nine years old. She has a history of Firearms Charges. There are also allegations that Henriquez has threatened the same woman whom authorities claim he assaulted a while ago. The case is pending in the Salem District Court.

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Witness Intimidation in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts the crime of Intimidation of a Witness is proscribed by G.L. 268 Section 13B. The law states that anyone who threatens, injures, emotionally assaults or otherwise intimidates a potential witness in a case is guilty of a felony and faces up to ten years in state prison. The legislative intent of the statute is to protect witnesses from being intimidated or harassed so that they do not become reluctant to give truthful evidence in investigatory or judicial proceedings. An essential element of the crime is the offer of a bribe or the use of intimidation, force, or the threat of force. The district attorney must prove all elements beyone a reasonable doubt. Intimidation has been defined as putting person in fear for purpose of influencing his or her conduct.

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