Lynn Massachusetts Man Charged With Gun, Drug Offenses

According to reports Lynn, Massachusetts police had a warrant for Johnny Rodriguez’s arrest stemming from an incident last Saturday night. At that time, Rodriguez was stopped by police officers who were following up on recent shootings. Rodriguez was able to escape in his car and a warrant for his arrest issued. Surveillance was set up outside his home on Monday. Police entered is apartment and secured his arrest. In the process they observed an open safe containing a couple of handguns and an assault rifle. A search warrant was then issued permitting the police to search the apartment. During the search additional firearms were located along with ammunition and over two hundred grams of cocaine. A substantial amount of cash was seized as well.

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Firearms, Drug Charges For Lynn Massachusetts Man

I would assume that Rodriguez has been charged with unlawful possession of firearms, possession of ammunition, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and trafficking cocaine. While all of these charges are considered serious Rodriguez stands to serve the most time on the cocaine trafficking charge if convicted. Trafficking cocaine over two hundred grams in Massachusetts comes with a mandatory minimum fifteen year state prison sentence after conviction. The firearms charges carry a minimum mandatory eighteen month sentence. There is no minimum mandatory sentence associated with convictions for the possession of ammunition and the marijuana charges.

During the bail hearing Rodriguez’s lawyer suggested that the police officers’ search exceeded the scope of the warrant. If this is true then perhaps some of the items seized will be suppressed. Here is one thought that comes to mind. If Rodriguez’s home was under surveillance why did the police need to enter his apartment to effectuate the arrest? It would make more sense if they apprehended him when they saw him about to enter the establishment rather than wait for him to get inside. If the defense can show that getting inside the apartment was illicitly orchestrated to establish probable cause to obtain the warrant Rodriguez might be able to convince a court to suppress the search.

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