Defendant In Peabody Court Faces Criminal Charges After 10 Year Old Claims He Pulled On The Waistband Of His Pants

Kuokwing Wu, 59 years old from Brooklyn New York appeared in Peabody District Court and plead not guilty to charges of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. According to The Salem News, the 10 year old boy and his 13 year old brother were in a restroom in the mall near the food court when Wu reached over and pulled out the waistband on the 10 years old pants.

The boys promptly reported the incident to their mother who reported it to mall security. According to reports, the description given by the boys matched Wu who worked at one of the establishments in the food court. Wu was questioned by the police and a friend of his interpreted. According to the Salem News Wu maintained that he pulled at the boys shirt to show him that it was wet. The boys claimed that the shirt was dry. The defendant was held on $10,000.00 cash bail following a bail hearing in the Peabody District Court. Wu will return to Peabody to answer to the criminal charges next month.

A defendant charged with this type of offences, or any type of crimnal charge including assault and battery, must have an experienced criminal lawyer on his or her side to ensure a favorable outcome. In Massachusetts, a conviction for indecent assault and battery can result in incarceration and have collateral consequences of having to register as a sex offender. Depending on the facts of the case, the strategy developed early on by a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can have an impact on the case. For example, in a case where the defendant gave a statement to the police a motion to suppress the statements is often a viable option. Before the police question a defendant who is in “custody” they must inform him or her of the “Miranda Rights.” In short, the police must inform the defendant that he or she has a right not to speak with the police, has a right to have an attorney present for questioning, that if he or she cannot afford an attorney one can be appointed to him or her and that anything he or she states can be used against him or her in court.

In appropriate circumstances, an experienced Massachusetts defense attorney presents the argument that the defendant was in “custody” when questioned by the police and that he or she did not knowingly and intelligently waive these rights. Successfully suppressing an inculpatory statement can often result in removing a powerful piece of evidence from the Commonwealth’s case.

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