Lynn Man Facing Sentencing For Cocaine Trafficking Case Arrested For Motor Vehicle Charges Gets Bail Revoked

Duane Collins of Lynn, Massachusetts was arrested and convicted for Cocaine Trafficking in 2008. He was sentenced to five and one half to seven years. His conviction was reversed in 2009 following a landmark United States Supreme Court case that requires the district attorney to call chemists to prove that a substance is in fact a controlled substance. Prior to that case the prosecution could simply present a certificate of analysis to show that a substance was an illegal drug. Following that ruling Collins’ lawyer was able to negotiate a deal where he would serve three years only and get credit for time served. That deal may no longer be available however since Collins was just arrested for another cocaine charge. Apparently, after a Motor Vehicle stop police found over an ounce of cocaine in a cooler in Collins’ car. His bail has been revoked.

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Lynn Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276 Section 58B gives a judge the authority to hold someone without bail, who, while released on bail gets arrested for another crime. The statute gives the accused the right to a hearing to argue bail. The statute also permits a judge to have the individual held for up to ninety days. It becomes critical that the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer arguing for bail under these circumstances is familiar with this statute. Collins’ lawyer is excellent and experienced and according to the article made a strong request for bail. His lawyer also did a great job negotiating a reduction in his sentence.

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