Lowell Prostitute Steals $62,000 From Unsuspecting Drunk Customer

The Lowell Sun reported that a forty two year old Lowell man withdrew $62,000.00 from his bank account, placed it in a duffel bag and went out to get drunk.  After accomplishing his goal he decided to solicit a prostitute.  He succeeded in finding Jessica Garcia, 30 of Aiken Street in Lowell.  The two settled on a fee of thirty dollars and went into the basement of 143 Westford Street to complete their transaction.  Garcia saw the cash when the victim Chanthen Pho went to pay for the services.  She then took the unsuspecting Pho’s belt to bind his ankles, pushed him over and made off with the money. 

Pho managed to get himself to the police station to make out his complaint.  Officers searched local hotels eventually finding Garcia in the Double Tree Hotel.  Police entered the room and found Garcia and a friend scratching lottery tickets.  Police then found $42,521 in the room.  Aside from the lottery tickets it is unclear where the remainder of the money went.  Garcia was charged with unarmed robbery.

Read Article, Lowell Sun August 12, 2008

Unarmed robbery is a felony.  In Massachusetts it is punishable by a sentence as high as life in prison.  The elements of the crime require that the property be taken by force and violence or by assaulting the victim and putting him in fear. 

Garcia can also be charged with engaging in sexual conduct for a fee.  Pho can be charged under the same statute.  G.L. c. 272 sec. 53A makes is a crime for anyone to engage in, agree to engage in or offer to engage in sexual conduct for a fee.  This statute also makes it a crime to pay for or agree to pay for sexual favors.  Pho can also be charged with soliciting a prostitute. 

Criminal charges involving prostitution and soliciting prostitutes can often be resolved without a person having a criminal record, particularly where the defendant has never been charged with or convicted of a crime in the past.  Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers defending prostitution cases such as Attorney Stephen Neyman will help you fight these charges.  Our office has defended all types of prostitution and solicitation cases with great results.  To learn more about our services visit our website. 

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