Couple Charged With Selling Cocaine At Walgreens In Haverhill

A Haverhill man and his girlfriend were charged with selling cocaine at a cosmetic counter in the Haverhill Walgreens located at 301 Main Street.  Police were alerted by an informant that Enery Fernandez, a store employee was selling cocaine during her work shift.  After receiving this information police arranged a controlled buy during which Fernandez sold cocaine that she had concealed in her purse and bra.  It was further alleged that the boyfriend, Luis Ledesma would supply the drugs and provide the same to Fernandez.  Customers would call Ledesma who in turn would direct them to Fernandez at the Walgreens.  Fernandez would take the customer to a bathroom or a secluded area and consummate the transaction.

Bail for Fernandez was set at five thousand dollars cash.  Bail for Ledesma was set at twenty five thousand dollars cash.  Ledesma had recently been released from jail after having served a fifteen month sentence.  Ledesma was not arrested at the scene.  He had no drugs at the time of his arrest.  Fernandez has no criminal record.

Read Lawrence Eagle Tribune August 12, 2008, first article on this story.

The defendants in this case are likely to face charges of distribution of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy violation the controlled substances laws.  The maximum sentence for distribution and possession with intent is ten years in state prison.  It is unlikely for either of these defendants to be sentenced to the maximum.  This is particularly true for Fernandez who has no criminal record.  If Ledesma has a prior conviction for this offense and is charged as a second offender he faces a mandatory three years in state prison. 

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