Lawence Massachusetts Man Claiming To Be A Lawyer Arrested For Larceny, Fraud

Angel Marmol of Lawrence, Massachusetts is accused of posing as a lawyer and taking money from clients. He promised them he would file their divorce paperwork. Marmol volunteered at the Greater Lawrence Community Action Center. One of its employees reported Marmol’s actions to the police after learing that several clients who he met at the agency had complained that he had never filed their paperwork. Marmol was charged with Larceny by Scheme. The total value of the larceny right now stands at over one thousand four hundred dollars. The case will be prosecuted in the Lawrence District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Who Fraudulently Holds Himself Out As A Lawyer Charged With Larceny

Larceny by scheme is defined as a series of thefts set in motion by a single criminal intent such that all such takings constitute one single act of larceny. In other words, the district attorney can aggregate the sum of all the thefts so that the total amount rises to the threshhold that makes this crime a felony. So what exactly will happen to Marmol? Assuming Marmol hires a Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Handles Cases in Lawrence, Massachusetts and there are no additional victims the case might be continued without a finding. I would imagine that a condition of this disposition will require Marmol to pay full restitution to the victims. Larceny by Scheme is a Felony in Massachusetts.

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