Bail Set In Salem For Lynn Massachusetts Man Accused Of Assault With Intent To Rape

Nelson Nunez of Lynn, Massachusetts is currently being held in the Essex County Jail in Middleton on a cash bail of twenty thousand dollars. Nunez has been charged with Indecent Assault and Battery, Assault With a Dangerous Weapon and Assault With the Intent to Commit Rape. According to reports, on August 22, 2009 Nunez tried to rape his forty three year old girlfriend as he took off her clothes at knifepoint. The victim fought with Nunez and ran away calling for help after she freed herself. At that time the two had been in a relationship for over one year. Police stated that when they came into contact with the woman she had red marks and bruising around her neck. These cases are Felonies in Massachusetts.

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$20,000.00 Bail For Lynn Man Who Tried To Rape Girlfriend

In cases like this the fact that Nunez and the woman had a longstanding relationship often becomes a critical aspect of the defense. If they had a consensual sexual relationship a Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer might want to know what purpose would brandishing the knife serve. Was there truly an attack or was the report fabricated as a result of some dispute between the parties and the woman’s efforts to gain control of sorts in the relationship. What were the marks on the woman, if any consistent with. What statements has the woman made since the act that may suggest she is not being truthful. A thorough investigation is often the springboard for a successful defense. Defending Rape Cases in Massachusetts requires the expertise of an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer who has defended Sexual Assault Crimes and one who knows how to investigate such allegations.

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