Judge In Salem Massachusetts Court Sets Bail At $10,000 For Man Accused Of Collecting Child Pornography

Jeremy Fife has been charged with Possession of Child Pornography stemming from an incident that occurred at a swimming pool supply business, Fife’s place of employment. This past weekend a store manager opened Fife’s laptop and found the desktop filled with files suggestive of child pornography. Danvers, Massachusetts police were immediately called and they began to question Fife. Fife claimed that the files were accidentally downloaded by a file sharing program that was supposed to download music. Fife claimed to have deleted as many files as he could however authorities found at least one hundred photographs depicting child pornography. The judge sitting the Salem, Massachusetts District Court set bail at ten thousand dollars and ordered Fife to have no contact with children, not go near any schools, and not possess or use a computer.

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Child Pornography Charges Issue Against Massachusetts Man

Possession of Child Pornographic Material is a crime in Massachusetts in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 29C. This crime is a felony in Massachusetts and a conviction of this offense can subject you to up to five years in state prison. A typical defense to this crime is an individual’s lack of intent. It is often argued that the material was sent to the defendant gratuitously. I often recommend to my clients charged with this type of offense to engage a computer expert who can examine the computer’s hard drive and determine whether the defendant actively procured the material or was himself the victim of someone else’s criminal activity. While these experts can be expensive I highly recommend them in cases such as this one.

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