Framingham Massachusetts Faces Criminal Charges Of Domestic Violence

Reports state that Ralphie Arroyo from Framingham, Massachusetts was arrested yesterday in the early morning after choking his wife until she could not breathe. The woman told the police that Arroyo punched her in the head as well. A witness claimed to have seen the woman throwing household items out of a window just before the incident occurred. A mark was observed police on the woman’s head but there is no mention of anyone having seen something on her neck. The woman claimed to have been depressed and was looking out of a window just prior to the attack. The prosecution has charged Arroyo with domestic assault and battery in the Framingham District Court. Bail has been set at one thousand seven hundred dollars.
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Domestic Assault And Battery Charges For Framingham Man

The American Bar Association has recently published some interesting statistics about Domestic Violence. Approximately twenty five percent of all women nationally were either raped or physically assaulted by a spouse or someone with whom they had a dating relationship. About one third of all female murder victims were killed by an intimate partner. It is statistics like this that rightfully cause judges concern about cases like this that are being prosecuted.

In this case however reports suggest a story other than the one the woman told the police. Her statement to the police that she was just staring out of the window during a moment of depression conflicts with the observation of the witness who saw her throwing objects out of the window. While this in no way condones acts of violence towards anyone it certainly effects the credibility of the complaining witness. Inconsistencies such as this can be fatal to a prosecution. This fact will no doubt be exploited in some regard by Arroyo’s defense lawyer.

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