Defend a Rape Case With The Help of Social Media


Defend a Rape Case With The Help of Social Media

On many occasions in the past I have posted articles about how social media has helped the prosecution prove crimes. Those articles warn against the stupidity of going public with certain activities that might add to the government’s evidence. Even in instances where social media posts are innocuous district attorneys often try to link the content to the person’s involvement in the crime. However, there are instances where you might be able to defend a rape case with the help of social media.

Just a few days ago an article posted about a teenage boy held in custody for the past year awaiting trial on rape charges. The defense alleges that the thirteen victims, conspired to exact revenge on the young man for being a “player” whose actions hurt the complainants’ feelings. The defense claims to have nearly one hundred thousand pages of social media posts and chats showing that the girls were working in concert to get back at the defendant. One of the alleged victims stated that following through with the plan would be fun.

Preserve Social Media With Screenshots

Not too long ago I met with someone about to be charged with rape. He adamantly denied the allegations and had saved text messages showing that the sex he had with the complaining witness was consensual. Additional texts suggested that the “victim” was getting back at him for ending the relationship and dating another person. Comments such as “you won’t be seeing anyone if you are not with me” and “I’ll do what it takes to keep you away from her” were among the texts that were saved, screenshotted and given to the defense team. In another instance, another client, charged with a sex crime screenshotted a facebook post stating among other things “I own that …hole now”. This post was followed by text messages from the complainant further confirming that no sex crime occurred.

Investigating Witnesses With Social Media

Reading the comments and responses of “friends” of the person making social media posts might also help to win a rape or sexual assault case. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter provide and ability to comment or respond to posts. In the past we have sent our investigators out to meet with and interview these people to see what they know about the alleged crime. Oftentimes a person agreeing with the “victim” or commenting favorably on the post is simply lending support, not necessarily corroborating the allegation. Other times this person has information about the allegations that supports the defenses being raised in the case. Sometimes these responses or comments provide corroboration for an alibi of the accused that never would have been supported had it not been for the comment or responsive post.

Defend Sex Crime Allegations By Hiring An Experience Attorney

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