Danvers Massachusetts Man Held Without Bail After Arrest For Cocaine Distribution And Possession

Since February of this year police officers from Danvers and Salem along with Massachusetts State Police officers have been investigating leads that Rogers Arias has been dealing cocaine from his bright yellow Lexus. Yesterday after Arias allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover police officer he was arrested. According to reports the arrest of Arias is the first of several to come as a result of this ongoing investigation. Local police officers stated that they had received an anonymous call of suspicious activity involving a car fitting the description of Arias’ Lexus. Following this lead officers set up their operation and effectuated their arrest. It is reported that the defendant conducts his operations in Salem, Peabody and local malls. He is being held without bail pending his arraignment on charges of conspiracy, school zone violation, cocaine possession and distribution of cocaine. The case is pending in the Salem District Court. Arias also has cases pending in the Salem and Peabody courts.

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Danvers, Massachusetts Police Arrest Man On Drug Charges After Making Undercover Purchase

Although the article is unclear it appears that Arias is being held in anticipation of having his bail revoked pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276 Section 58. That law allows a court to revoke bail on a pending case for up to sixty days once a defendant gets arrested on another charge. The law requires the judge determine “that the release of said person will seriously endanger any person or the community and that the detention of the person is necessary to reasonably assure the safety of any person or the community”. Judges do not have to revoke bail in these situations however often times they do particularly where the person is accused of committing the same offense for which he has already been released on bail.

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