Criminal Charges Filed Against Lynn Massachusetts Woman Accused Of Domestic Violence

Just a couple of days ago a Lynn, Massachusetts woman was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a crime, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and trespassing. The victims are her former husband and his friend. According to reports Janice Bolen-Kavanaugh and co-defendant Zlatan Sarajlic encountered the ex-husband’s friend. Sarajlic had a handgun. Bolen-Kavanaugh asked where he lived and he gave a fake address. He went home. Bolen-Kavanaugh then appeared tried to enter his home by pushing in a window screen. The victim went into the next room to warn Bolen-Kavanaugh’s ex-husband Steven Kavanaugh. Bolen-Kavanaugh then swore at the victims and told them that Sarajlic was going to kill them. Sarajlic then manipulated the slide on the gun and held it in the air. When the defendants heard sirens they fled. Both were arrested. Sarajlic has also been charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and trespassing. Bail for Bolen-Kavanaugh was set at three thousand dollars. Bail for Sarajlic was set at two thousand dollars. The report disclosed that Steven Kavanaugh was charged with violating a restraining order against his ex-wife.

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Massachusetts Woman Charged In Case Of Domestic Violence

Fortunately for the defendants in this case the police never found the firearm. Possession of a gun in Massachusetts carries a mandatory minimum eighteen months sentence to the house of correction. The defendants now have to defend against the assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon case and the trespassing case. The assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon carries a potential two and one half year jail sentence if the case is prosecuted in district court or up to ten years in state prison if the district attorney indicts the case. This case will likely remain in district court. The absence of a weapon makes this case difficult to prosecute. Where there are multiple victims rarely is there a consistent description of the weapon, or for that matter the circumstance surrounding the incident. Jurors like physical evidence. It makes them feel more comfortable about their decision to convict. The absence of the weapon and the allegation that one of the victims violated a restraining order against one of the defendants weakens the prosecutor’s case.

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