Criminal Cases Resolved In Newburyport District On November 28, 2008

The Newburyport Daily News reported yesterday that the following cases were disposed of on November 28, 2008:

Case # 1:  A 55 year old Newbury man was convicted of
driving with an unregistered motor vehicle and driving an uninsured
vehicle.  Both matters were continued without a finding and the
defendant was assessed $500 in fees to the court.  Massachusetts
General Laws Chapter 90 Section 9 prohibits the operation of motor
vehicles that are unregistered.  This offense is punishable by a fine. 
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 Section 34J makes it illegal to
operate without insurance.  There is a mandatory $500 fine for
violating this law and a possible jail sentence.  Newburyport motor vehicle crimes defense lawyers such as Stephen Neyman defend people charged with crimes such as these. 

Case # 2:  A 21 year old Peabody man charged with
driving after having his license suspended succeeded in getting his
case dismissed with court costs.  The arrest was made by the Newbury Police

Case # 3:  A 19 year old Haverhill man charged with
carrying a dangerous weapon and miscellaneous motor vehicle violations
had his case continued without a finding.  As a condition, the man was
made to forfeit the weapons and pay court costs.  The crime of carrying
a dangerous weapon is set out in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269
Section 10(b).  That law prohibits you from carrying on your person or
under your control in a motor vehicle stilettos, daggers, switchblades,
blowguns, blackjacks, brass knuckles, nunchaks, starlike objects
intended to injure a person when thrown, spikes, studs, weighted chains
and more.  A conviction for this offense can carry up to five years in
state prison.  Contact a Newburyport Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer if you have been charged with one of these offenses. 

Case # 4:  A twenty two year old Portland, Maine woman
charged with OUI liquor and negligent driving had her cases continued
without a finding for one year.  She is also required to complete an
alcohol safety awareness program, pay fines and suffer a 45 day loss of
license.  This is a typical disposition for someone with no prior OUI
convictions.  It is known as the “24D program“. 
Oftentimes the 45 day loss of license is tempered by the issuance of a
license providing restricted driving privileges; i.e. a license that
permits you to drive within a twelve hour period each day.  For more
information contact a Newburyport Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Case # 5:  A 34 year old Manchester, New Hampshire
woman resolved a case charging her with receiving stolen property
valued in excess of $250.  Receiving stolen property in
Massachusetts is a crime in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws
Chapter 266 Section 60.  That law provides that anyone who buys,
receives or aids in the concealment of stolen or embezzled property,
knowing it to have been stolen or embezzled, shall, if the value of
such property exceeds two hundred and fifty dollars, be punished by
imprisonment in the state prison for not more than five years, or by
imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for not more than two and
one half years or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars. 
Here the defendant received a sentence of one year in jail, suspended
for two years with a condition that she remain drug and alcohol free
and that she make restitution.  Call our office now to hire a Newburyport Property Crimes Defense Attorney