44 Year Old Nurse Charged With Trying To Help Convicted Felon Escape From Prison

The Quincy Patriot Ledger reports
that a 44 year old nurse tried to help a convicted rapist escape from
the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Walpole,  Deborah
Girouard of Ashby tried to help Che Sosa escape by bringing saws a
handcuff key, a steel clip and other items into the prison.  Sosa is
serving a fifty five year sentence for breaking into a woman’s home in
Quincy in 2001 and raping her.  Read entire article,
Patriot Ledger, November 26, 2008.  Sosa is still waiting trial for
attacking his lawyer at a February 2007 hearing.  During that incident
Sosa was able to sneak a makeshift 6 inch knife into the courtroom. 
Sosa also has a history of attacking prison guards and was once found
with a jail key in his possession.  Within the past year Sosa stabbed
another prison guard multiple times with a pen. 
Massachusetts Criminal Defense Resources:
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter
268 Section 15 is the statute under which Giourard will likely be
prosecuted.  That law makes aiding an escape from
a penal institution a felony in Massachusetts.  It specifically states
that if youi bring any disguises, instruments, tools or weapons to
assist a prisoner in his attempt to make an escape you can be punished
for up to 10 years in prison. 
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