Why Cops Pull Teenage Drivers Over In Massachusetts Without Probable Cause

Everyone knows that it is a violation of your constitutional rights to be stopped without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Both the federal and Massachusetts constitutions give us that protection. So the thought process of many teenagers and young adults is simple. As long as I am following the rules, staying within the speed limit, obeying all traffic signals and driving safely I won’t get pulled over. Right? Guess again. That is completely wrong. Cops pull teenage drivers over in Massachusetts without probable cause countless times each day. This post examines why cops do this and how you, the young driver can avoid getting pulled over for no apparent reason.

Fighting Illegal Stops in Massachusetts

Fighting Illegal Stops in Massachusetts

Police Officers Believe That Teenagers Are Up To Something Illegal

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or the suburbs. Police officers observing kids in cars are of the opinion that they are up to something unlawful. This is true in a number of situations. If they see a car with teenagers in it driving aimlessly around town they assume that stopping them will reveal the presence of drugs or alcohol or even guns. Or, when the cops hear or feel the vibrations of loud music coming from a car being driving by teenagers or young adults they think something wrong is going on. When they see a car with young people in it driving on a highway late at night or in the early morning hours they presumptuously form the opinion that illegal activity is occurring. So what do they do? They pull you over. Their true reason will never be revealed in the police report. Rather, they will say that you were speeding, or crossing marked lanes or driving erratically.  It is difficult for criminal defense lawyers win suppression motions based on a lack of probable cause when their clients are young. Due to their maturity and lack of confidence in court few teenagers make good witnesses and judges tend to believe cops. Without independent corroboration that your rights were violated challenging the stop will be tough.

How Can You Avoid Getting Pulled Over?

Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid getting pulled over. Keep the number of occupants in your car small. No more than two or three passengers is ideal. Keep the music down. Loud music is a red flag that will get you pulled over. Have a plan. Don’t just drive around. The police take notice of cars driving all over towns or in particular neighborhoods in cities. Driving around continuously will get you pulled over. Don’t slow down in a noticeable manner just because you see a police car. If you are driving the speed limit there is no need to hit your brakes. Cops take notice of that and assume the worst. Don’t wear baseball hats. Most people who wear baseball hats are in the teens or early twenties.

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