Chelmsford Massachusetts Woman Facing Criminal Charges In Lawrence After Trying To Stab Nephew In Methuen Home

gavel.jpgThe Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports that Amy Moolic, a Chelmsford, Massachusetts resident has been charged with a Felony following an incident on Riverside Drive in Methuen. This occurred on Thursday. The night before Moolic was involved in car accident. Following that incident she stayed with family members. Her nephew, the victim, woke her up to check on her. She became angry and tried to strangle him. She then chase him and threw a glass vase at him. She missed. Subsequently she took hold of a couple of kitchen knives. She chased her nephew again. He locked himself in a bedroom and called the police. The police arrived and were able to subdue her however not before she bit one of the officers. At least initially this case will be prosecuted in the Lawrence District Court. The newspaper did not indicate what the charges will be however I imagine that Moolic will face charges of Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Assault With the Intent to Murder.

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Incidents like this one occur more frequently than you might think. Each week you can read about some crazy family incident or event that ends up with criminal charges filed in court. This one however, at least in the context of the article is somewhat unique. There does not appear to be any particular catalyst triggering Moolic’s actions. Her nephew was checking on her, presumably to see if she was okay following a car accident from the previous day. For no apparent reason she took exception to this and became violent. When the police arrived she shouted: “suicide by cop, kill me and put me out of my misery.” As a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer I wonder whether there was some sort of underlying mental illness that caused this behavior. Or perhaps the Moolic suffered some sort of head injury from the accident the previous day. If there was a pre-existing mental health condition this is something that Moolic’s lawyer will investigate and possibly use in defense of the case. Prosecutors and judges are sympathetic towards people who suffer from mental illness particularly where the problem is one that is being address by professionals, can be controlled and the defendant is serious about getting the help needed. Cases like this one are also easier to work out if the victims, particularly victims who are family members, are in agreement with a favorable disposition, perhaps one that will not result in the accused having a criminal record. The article certainly makes this incident seem like aberrational behavior.

Keep in mind a few other things. If Moolic is charged as I expect she will be facing several felony counts. Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon carries up to ten years in state prison. Assault with the Intent to Murder is also a felony that carries a ten year state prison sentence. Both of these charges however can be prosecuted in the district court which is where I imagine these cases will remain.

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