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On May 23, 2016, Roslindale residents were shocked to awaken in the middle of the night to a fire at the nearby elementary school, according to the Boston Globe. The playground at the Charles Sumner Elementary School was intentionally set on fire. The fire spread from the playground to nearby trees and powerlines, but local firefighters were able to stop the blaze before it got out of control. Arson is suspected.



A smaller fire had been set at the same playground a few weeks earlier, but that first fire had not been linked to any particular perpetrator. However, three suspects were apprehended for the fire that occurred on May, 23 – two teenagers and an adult. The fire caused more than ten thousand dollars worth of damage to the playground. The suspects have been charged with intentionally setting a fire, arson. Continue Reading

Trevor Brooks and another Hamilton, Massachusetts man along with Camilla Lambert of Manchester will likely be charged in the Ipswich District Court, (now merged with the Newburyport District Court) with breaking and entering with the intent to commit a misdemeanor and attempting to start a fire. According to reports a security guard at Gordon College found the three in the music center on the campus. None of the three are enrolled in the school and when asked what they were doing on the property they made some untrue statements. Apparently and for some inexplicably reason the group lit and eraser on fire. The three denied breaking into the property instead claiming that they gained entry through an unlocked door. One of the three defendants later went to the Wenham Police Station to make a statement about his involvement in the matter.

Two From Hamilton Massachusetts And Another From Manchester Charged With Breaking And Entering, Related Crimes

While there is obviously much missing from this article there stands a very good chance that this case will remain in the district court. The crime of Breaking and Entering With the Intent to Commit a Misdemeanor is a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 16A. A conviction for that offense carries a maximum six month house of correction sentence. Attempting to start a fire is prohibited by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 5A. This crime is a felony and is punishable by up to state prison. If the defendants do not have criminal records there is a chance that this case will be resolved by a continuance without a finding. That type of disposition in Massachusetts provides a break for the defendant. Here is how that works. The judge will agree to continue the case for a specified period of time. During that time period if the defendant stays out of criminal legal trouble the case will ultimately be dismissed. I would imagine that something along these lines with certain conditions such as community service or restitution is a way in which this case might be finalized.

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Dung Van Tran, 38 from Boston was convicted by a Suffolk County jury yesterday of arson, home invasion, assault with intent to murder and aggravated assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.  The prosecution alleged that as a result of an abusive relationship the defendant’s wife left the marital home in October of 2006.  She rented an apartment for herself and the couple’s infant daughter.  The day of the incident Tran entered the apartment bringing with him a gasoline can and a lighter.  While inside he doused the 14 month old girl, himself and a live-in babysitter with gasoline.  The defendant then set himself and the other on fire.  All were injured.  The young child was burned over thirty percent of her body requiring several surgical procedures.  After a five day trial Tran was convicted.  Sentencing is scheduled for March 11th. 

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All of the charges Tran was convicted of are serious felonies.  Perhaps the most serious in this case is the home invasion.  Home invasion in Massachusetts is a felony in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 18C.  This law states that anyone who enters someone else’s home knowing that someone is present and does so while armed with a dangerous weapon, and uses force or threatens the use of force on someone in the home is guilty of home invasion.  A conviction of this crime carries a minimum twenty year sentence. 

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