Braintree Massachusetts Man Charged With Kidnapping Indecent Assault And Battery And Assault With Intent To Rape After Being Reported For Inappropriate Touching

Police in Braintree, Massachusetts recently investigated reports from a minor child that Michael Cimmino of Braintree had engaged in inappropriate touching. The arrests took place on Saturday afternoon and Cimmino was arraigned in Quincy on Monday. Bail was set at fifty thousand dollars cash. It is further alleged that the incident occurred at Cimmino’s home. The victim is under the age of fourteen. The article in the Quincy Patriot Ledger provided very little detail about the incident, instead focusing on the charges themselves and the conditions of release that restrict Cimmino should he make bail. Cimmino has been charged with Assault With Intent to Commit Rape on a Person Under the Age of 14, Indecent Assault and Battery and Kidnapping. It is unclear as to whether or not the Norfolk County District Attorney will indict these cases or prosecute the charges in the district court.

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Braintree, Massachusetts Assault With Intent to Rape Defense Lawyer

There is a fundamental legal principle that I have yet to blog on and deserves some attention today, the being the Presumption of Innocence. Every day we read articles like this one, void of any detail yet sensational enough to ruin an innocent person’s life. I am not assigning fault to anyone for this. It is the duty of the prosecution to protect the public and to prosecute people they believe might have committed crimes. It is the duty of the press to report the facts of the cases, a task that is usually done thoroughly in criminal cases. However, it is important to understand that all people accused of committing crimes in this country enjoy a presumption of innocence. Judges must ask prospective jurors if they will adhere to this principle of law. If they cannot then they are not to serve on the jury. The jury is reminded of this principle prior to retiring to their deliberations. Here, Cimmino has been charged with one of the most serious offenses we have. When reading this article people are bound to make judgments even in the absence of facts to support those thoughts. From the perspective of a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer it is important to keep some thoughts in mind. Who was home at the time this supposedly happened. What did these people hear or see. What exactly did the child report and is it possible that under these circumstances Cimmino could have done this.

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