Woman Arrested In Salem Massachusetts When She Drove Away From Court Following Her Arraignment For DUI Second Offense

According to The Salem News, Maureen Fogwell, 57, from North Hampton New Hampshire was arrested as she drove away from the Salem Massachusetts Courthouse last week following her arraignment for driving under the influence of alcohol as a second offense. After spending a week in the women’s prison in Framingham, Ms. Fogwell admitted to the offenses and was sentenced to a 60 day mandatory minimum sentence for driving after her license was suspended for an OUI related offense. The judge also imposed a a six-month jail sentence which he suspended for two years. During this probationary term she must enter and complete a two week in patient alcohol program.

In Massachusetts, failing to complete terms of probation may result in a defendant receiving a notice of surrender and a surrender hearing occurs. During this type of hearing the probation officer must produce reliable evidence that the probationer violated the terms of his or her probation. In the event that an individual is found to have violated the terms of his or her probation, the penalty can be the maximum sentence that can be imposed for a conviction of the crime. In this case, Ms. Fogwell could face up to two and one half years in jail if she does not successfully complete probation.

In Massachusetts, the prosecution must prove that a defendant was driving a motor vehicle, on a public way and was under the influence to secure a conviction. An experienced defense attorney is necessary to review the particular facts of an individual’s case to determine how to proceed at trial. Depending on the circumstances of the case it may be appropriate to demonstrate that the defendant was not driving, that the road was not a “public way” i.e., that the public did not have a right of access and that he or she was not under the influence. In the event that a defendant was arrested as the result of a roadblock, made statements or was in a motor vehicle that was searched, there may be grounds to file a motion to suppress evidence and/or statements.

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