Woman Charged After Domestic Violence Incident In Lawrence Massachusetts

A Lowell, Massachusetts woman went to speak to her boyfriend after learning that he had been cheating on her.  During the confrontation the woman rammed his car with her car and clawed at his chest.  The victim restrained the woman until police arrived.  When the officers took over the woman fought with them and kicked one of them in the face.  Pepper spray was used to subdue her.  She will be charged with malicious destruction to property over two hundred fifty dollars, assault and battery and assault and battery of a police officer.

In Massachusetts crimes such as this fall under the umbrella of domestic violence.  People typically think domestic violence cases involve men battering or abusing women.  However, as with this case the opposite holds equally true. 

Stephen Neyman is a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney who has years of experience defending domestic violence cases.  Without proper representation there exists a possibility that you will be incarcerated if convicted of a crime involving domestic violence.  Do not wait.  Contact a criminal defense who understands how to defend against these charges. 

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