Waltham, Massachusetts Men Convicted Of Bank Robbery In Federal Court

From December 2007 through May 2008 several banks were robbed in the towns of Natick, Newton, Watertown, Quincy, Belmont, Boston and Arlington.  Each time the robber wore a disguise and passed a note demanding 50’s and 100’s.  In that six month period the robber stole more than $48,000.00.  Law enforcement got a break in these cases when they received an anonymous note that Christopher Politis might be their man.  Following up on the tip the FBI placed a GPS device on Politis’ car.  That led them to a bank robbery at the Village Bank in Newton.  Politis’ accomplice during the last bank robbery was Donald Gillis who was also charged and convicted.  Both men pleaded guilty in federal court and face up to twenty years in federal prison.  In total, Politis pleaded guilty for his role in fourteen bank robberies. 

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Politis was most likely charged with violating 18 United States Code Section 2113(a).  This law states that anyone who forcibly or violently or by intimidation steals from a bank, credit union or any savings and loan faces up to 20 years in federal prison, or a fine or both.  Going into banks disguised and making demands for money satisfies the elements of this offense.  As with most cases in federal court the facts in this case were overwhelmingly favorable to the prosecution.  In cases such as this plea bargaining is the best way to minimize the defendants’ sentence, particularly where the Federal Sentencing Guidelines assign credit to anyone who accepts responsibility for his actions. 

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