Two Men, One From Massachusetts Charged in Federal Court With Conspiracy to Rape and Murder Women

Richard Meltz of Massachusetts and Christopher Asch were arrested and charged with Conspiracy to kill and Rape women. Meltz is the chief of the Veterans Affairs Police. Authorities allege that the two men began their plan about a year ago. According to law enforcement, the two did more than simply plan their attack. They acquired materials to anesthetize women and accessed a Taser to subdue their targets. Apparently the defendants made electronic solicitations over the internet. One of the accused discussed Kidnapping and cannibalizing victims. He also elaborated on a plan to evade DNA detection.

The alleged details of the crime are quite graphic. During the period of the investigation, these two defendants and another engaged in electronic communications planning the kidnapping, torture and murder of women. This third individual used the internet in an attempt to solicit people to kill, kidnap and rape his wife and others. This third individual ultimately led law enforcement to Meltz and Asch. Following up on this information, in an undercover capacity the feds met with Asch. On one occasion Asch produced a bag full of devices intended for use in torturing and drugging his ultimate targets. These meetings along with telephone intercepts detailed plans to kill a particular target who was in fact another undercover agent. The defendant’s plan further included methods of disposing with the victim’s body and ways to avoid detection.

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The crime of Kidnapping is typically prosecuted by the state in which the crime is committed. Occasionally this crime is prosecuted in the Federal Courts primarily in those instances where the actual offense is the Conspiracy to Kidnap. One of the statutes proscribing this activity, 18 U.S.C. Section 956 authorizes a possible life sentence after a conviction. The Massachusetts Kidnapping law provides a maximum ten year prison sentence for anyone convicted of that offense. There are aggravated forms of the crime that permit a tougher sentence. For example, if a Firearm is used during the act the accused faces a ten year mandatory sentence. If serious bodily injury is inflicted during the commission of the crime the accused faces a twenty five year mandatory minimum sentence. The Massachusetts District Courts also have jurisdiction over kidnapping charges. If the case is prosecuted in that court there is a maximum two year house of correction sentence that can be imposed.

So how are Meltz and Asch going to defend against these allegations? A lot depends on the defendant’s ability to recall the conversations they had with undercover law enforcement that were not recorded. This, along with the motive of the co-conspirator who initially led the feds to Meltz and Asch will be critical to the defense.

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