Two Men In Waltham Massachusetts Face Criminal Charges After Threatening To Return To Bar With Guns

Adolfo Bonilla and Josue Ramirez-Gonzalez both from Waltham, Massachusetts had been banned from a local bar. They tried to gain entry and when they were denied both threatened to return with a gun and shoot and beat the owner. The police were immediately called. When they arrived Bonilla allegedly drove the car directly at the responding police car. The car stopped. Both suspects got out of the car and tried to flee and ended up struggling with the police. Ramirez-Gonzalez was charged with Malicious Destruction to Property for throwing a rock at a parked car as well as resisting arrest. Bonilla was charged with Resisting Arrest, various Motor Vehicle Crimes, Threatening to Commit a Crime and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. The case is being prosecuted in the Waltham District Court.

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Waltham, Massachusetts Men Kicked Out Of Bar Threaten Owner, Get Arrested For Several Criminal Charges

Threatening to commit a crime is a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 275 Section 2. The law makes clear that a conviction for the offense has a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a one hundred dollar fine. The irony in this case is that the bar owner was most probably scared by the threats yet this is the least of the defendant’s problems. The malicious destruction to property charge is more serious particularly if the value of the property is two hundred fifty dollars or more. In that case the crime is a felony.

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