Two Men Held Without Bail After Early Morning Robbery In Beverly

On August 5, 2008 police arrested two Beverly men identified as suspects in an early morning robbery.  The victims claimed that as they were walking in downtown Beverly they were approached by a group of four men.  One of the men brandished a knife and held it to one of the victim’s neck.  The assailant then stole money and a cell phone from the man.  He then made the other victim surrender his wallet. 

With the victim’s identifications two of the four men were apprehended.  They were arraigned in the Salem District Court and held without bail.

Armed robbery in Massachusetts is a felony.  It is punishable by anything from probation to a life sentence.  In order for you to be found guilty of armed robbery Massachusetts law requires the prosecution prove four elements: 

1.  That you were armed with a dangerous weapon;

2.  That you either intended to use force and violence to the victim or that you intended to use threatening gestures or words;

3.  That you intended to take the victim’s property with the intent to steal it, and;

4.  That you intended to take the victim’s property either directly from him or from his immediate control.

Many robbery cases in Massachusetts are ultimately reduced to larceny and the cases are kept in the district court.  Your choice of lawyers is critical in any case, particularly where the consequences of conviction are as severe as life in prison.  Our office has defended armed and unarmed robbery cases in many Massachusetts courts.  We are available to discuss your rights with you now. 

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