Two Men Arraigned In Salem District Court For Breaking And Entering Cars At Liberty Tree Mall

The Salem News reported that on Tuesday Danvers police arrested two men responsible for breaking and entering cars at the Liberty Tree Mall.  According to police, a witness saw a man breaking into a car at the mall and stealing an unidentified item from inside.  The witness saw the suspect get into a Chevrolet and drive away.  He called the police and told them what he had just seen.  He provided a description of the suspect, the car in which he fled and a license plate number.  A patrolman received the information and spotted the car.  When he attempted to stop the vehicle the driver took off on Route 114 in Danvers and headed towards Middleton.  The suspect made an illegal u-turn at the Route 114/Route 1 intersection.  This caused a collision between that vehicle and a police cruiser. 

The police were finally able to apprehend the driver and his passenger.  The driver was identified as Lewis Diaz of Lawrence, Massachusetts.  The passenger was Christy Lebron, also of Lawrence.  Inside the car police found stolen car stereos and radio equipment. Diaz was charged in the Salem District Court with receiving stolen property, breaking and entering a motor vehicle, malicous destruction to a motor vehicle, driving without a license, providing a false name to police officers, possession of burglarious tools, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, resisting arrest, larceny over $250 and using a motor vehicle during the commission of a felony.  Lebron was charged with receiving stolen property, breaking and entering a motor vehicle and malicious destruction to a motor vehicle. 

In this situation it appears that the case against Diaz is much stronger than the case against Lebron.  An eyewitness saw Diaz break into two cars and take items from those cars.  This person will be able to offer direct evidence against Diaz as to the theft crimes.  The motor vehicle offenses were witnessed directly by the pursuing police officers.  The case against Lebron is a bit more tenuous.  Absent any statement admitting responsibility the case against Lebron is circumstantial.  If the stolen items were in her sight or in her possession then her chance of success at trial are reduced.  If the stolen items were concealed it is conceivable that she was not aware of what Diaz was doing. 

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