Two Framingham Men Arrested And Charged With Drug Crimes After Domestic Assault Investigation

Framingham Police were called just before 5:00 a.m. about a fight on Essex Street. They arrived to find a woman bleeding from her head. After offering an excuse for her condition the woman changed her story. She accused Michael Young, her boyfriend of assaulting her after finding her out with another man. Young was located at his home. He was arrested at which time police found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the home. A Search Warrant was applied for and issued. During the execution of the search warrant authorities found large quantities of drugs including over a pound of Marijuana, Ecstasy and Cocaine. Also arrested was Young’s roommate, Michael Smokler who responded to the police station at their request for questioning. Both defendants are facing charges of Possession With the Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Possession With the Intent to Distribute Ecstasy, a School Zone Violation and Conspiracy. Young faces Domestic Violence Charges as well. The case is pending in the Framingham District Court.

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Framingham Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

I frequently remind readers that speaking with the police is rarely a good idea. This case seems to be a perfect example of why getting a lawyer prior to meeting with the police is the most prudent way to proceed. Smokler was not present in the morning when the police searched the apartment and arrested Young. They called him later and asked him to go down to the station for questioning. He did. The result was his arrest. I have never had a client who talked himself out of criminal charges. To the contrary, most talk themselves into trouble. If the police had probable cause to arrest Smoker after they conducted the search they would have obtained an arrest warrant and done so. I would imagine that Smokler provided the police with information during the interview that enabled them to file criminal charges against him. Had he hired a lawyer rather than speak with the police criminal charges might not have issued.

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