Two Charged With Rape In Framingham Court

According to the Metrowest Daily News two men were arrested Sunday in Framingham, Massachusetts and charged with Rape. One of the men, Oscar Irigoyen is an adult who resides in Florida. The other is sixteen years old. He is currently being charged as a juvenile and as a consequence his name has not been released. The report states that on Sunday police were called to an apartment around 6:30 p.m. Nearly one hour after they arrived they arrested Irigoyen and the unnamed juvenile. Irigoyen has been charged with Rape by Force, Indecent Assault and Battery, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, Intimidation, of a Witness and Being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol. It is alleged that there are two victims, one of whom is a minor. Apparently one of the victims wanted to leave the apartment earlier in the evening but stayed when the other refused to leave. The district attorney is looking to detain Irigoyen on Dangerousness grounds. The case will likely be prosecuted in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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Two Charged With Rape, Related Sex Crimes In Framingham Court

This article leaves much information blank that a Framingham, Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer would need to know in order to start preparing a defense of this case. What specifically happened at that apartment. Did any neighbors hear any noises, screams or see anything that would corroborate the complainants allegations. Why did it take the police nearly an hour to arrest the defendants. Is there any physical evidence that supports the complaints. What if anything did the defendants say. Why did one of the complainants want to leave while the other wanted to stay. Rape Cases in Massachusetts can be difficult for district attorneys to prove. Many times it is the word of one person against the word of another and absent strong evidence corroborating the complainants story the chances of acquittal are strong.

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