Two Boston, Massachusetts Men Arrested, Charged With Dealing Cocaine

Apparently Framingham and Massachusetts State Police had been on to Anthony Batista and Hector Perez for several months.  Armed with information that the two Boston, Massachusetts men were selling crack cocaine in Framingham an investigation that included undercover drug buys began.  Batista became known to the officers on last Friday detectives in Framingham followed him through some downtown roads.  They saw him exit his car and get into a car with Hector Perez.  Batista later got back into his own car and was pulled over by the police.  He immediately surrendered a bag of cocaine and admitted to getting it from Perez.  Perez was apprehended.  Police found 18 individually packaged bags of cocaine in his possession.  Both were charged with distribution of cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, conspiracy and a school zone violation.  Batista was also charged with driving without a license

It looks like Perez might have some bigger problems as well.  He has outstanding warrants.  One is out of the Worcester Superior Court for trafficking cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.  The other warrant is out of the Framingham District Court for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine and a school zone violation. 

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The article is unclear as to why Batista was charged with distribution, possession with intent and conspiracy.  Clearly there is a case for possession of cocaine.  He had the substance in his possession when stopped by the police.  If Batista was the seller in one or more of the undercover buys then the distribution charge makes sense.  As to the conspiracy and possession with intent, the police must show that Batista and Perez were working together to sell the cocaine that Perez was caught with either as joint venturers or co-conspirators. 

Jail time is a distinct possibility for both men in this case.  The school zone charge alone carries a minimum mandatory 2 year jail sentence.  Perez’s trafficking cases carry anywhere from a 3 year mandatory sentence to a 15 year mandatory sentence depending on the amount he was charged with trafficking.

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