Three Massachusetts Men Charged With Robbery, Firearms Offense After Shooting Victims During Theft

Edwardo Fontes, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, along with John Silva and Vanderlee Fernandes both of Brockton were arrested yesterday in connection with a shooting in Stoughton. It was reported that the three men robbed two others and fled in a car. A witness provided the description of the car and later in the evening the car was stopped in Brockton. No weapons were recovered and no one specified what items were taken from the victims. One of the victims was shot in the leg, the other in the stomach. Each defendant has been charged with Armed Robbery, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Assault with the Intent to Murder. The case is now pending in the Stoughton District Court but will likely be prosecuted in the Norfolk County Superior Court in Dedham.

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Gun And Robbery Charges Filed Against Massachusetts Men Involved In Shooting In Stoughton

Cases like this are always interesting to defend. I imagine that whatever happened between the defendants and the victims was a far cry from your typical robbery. Here is why. The police declined to identify what property if any was stolen from the victims. The robbery took place behind a structure suggesting that the parties agreed to meet somewhere out of sight. There is no identification of the person who supposedly made the call to the police nor is it clear that such person actually witnessed the robbery or shooting. This sounds very much like a drug deal gone bad. This might be a difficult case for the district attorney to prosecute. An Experienced Massachusetts Robbery and Assault Lawyer who practices in the Stoughton Court and Norfolk Superior Court might be able to effectively defend the defendants in this case.

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