Three Cape Cod Residents Charged With Heroin Crimes

On Thursday police in Cape Cod, Massachusetts executed a search warrant at an apartment in Brewster.  This came on the heals of a lengthy investigation involving police from Brewster, Orleans and a Cape Cod Drug Task Force.  The result was the arrest of the residents of the apartment and a Chatham man.  During the raid officers seized approximately five hundred dollars worth of cocaine and four thousand dollars cash.  The two residents of the home were charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession of  heroin with intent to distribute in a school zone, and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The Chatham man was charged with possession of heroin and possession of cocaine.  The cases are pending in the Orleans District Court. 

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Unless the case is indicted to the Superior Court the most serious charge any defendant is facing is the school zone violation.  The Massachusetts school zone statute is Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32 J.  The law states that anyone who is convicted of either trafficking or possession with the intent to distribute or the actual distribution of controlled substances while within one thousand feet of a school zone must serve a minimum mandatory two year house of correction sentence.  There is no early parole associated with this sentence.  It is not a defense to these charges that the defendant did not know that he was in a school zone. 

Recently, there have been efforts in Massachusetts to rescind this statute.  Lawmakers have acknowledged that the statute as written exceeds its designed intent to punish those who sell on school property or to school aged children on school grounds.  The consequences of this law work disparately between people who live in the inner city and those who live in suburbs or more rural areas. 

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