Taunton Massachusetts Police Arrest Ten in Connection With Heroin Trafficking Investigation

Just a few days ago Search Warrants were executed at two apartments located at 50 Harrison Avenue in Taunton, Massachusetts. In all, eight men and two women were charged with Massachusetts Drug Conspiracy, Trafficking in Heroin Over 100 Grams and a Massachusetts School Zone Violation. Five of the defendants were arrested during the execution of the Search Warrants. The other five were seen at the apartments shortly before the searches. They were located in a car just blocks from the apartments. Authorities stated that the heroin was found in three locations. Just over seventeen grams was found in a toilet bowl in one of the apartments. Just over thirty one grams of heroin was found in the possession of one of the defendants, Juan Jimenez. Just over fifty seven grams of heroin was thrown out of one of the apartments and lodged in the snow. Defendant Jaime Sanchez was found in possession of ten thousand dollars cash. Sanchez, Marques McCassie and Jose Quiles were named on the Search Warrants as targets of the investigation. The remaining defendants, Flavio Daviega, Antwunn Romell Jones, Felicia Lopes, Kelly Bulris and Agustin Roldan were apparently arrested due to a perceived association with the people who possessed the drugs. Five other people were also in one of the apartments, none of whom were charged.

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So lets just break this down in a manner most favorable to the prosecution. Jimenez might have problems due to his possession of a quantity of Heroin sufficient to satisfy the Trafficking threshold. Sanchez could be in trouble given his possession of a significant amount of cash. Lopes was found in Possession of a Class B Drug but this does not mean that she had Drug Trafficking intentions. And what about the remaining defendants, Bulris, Jones, Daviega, Roldan, Quiles and McCassie? Well, proving a drug case in Massachusetts against the five in the car will be difficult. Just because they were at the apartment does not mean that they had any involvement in drug dealing. After all, what exactly is the district attorney going to say that they did? Were they buying drugs? Probably not particularly if they did not have drugs on them or drugs in their presence in the car. Are they going to be accused of selling to the people in the apartment? Again, probably not. There is no proof that they sold to these people and one would think that since the apartments were the subject of a Search Warrant the police believed that drugs were being sold at that location, not purchased by the occupants of the apartments. If these people kept their mouths shut and they Hire an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer they might be fully acquitted. Perhaps the cases against them will be dismissed.

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