Saugus Man Faces Domestic Violence Charges After Beating Wife

This past weekend Thomas Frechette of Saugus, Massachusetts was found outside of his home by police officers responding to his wife’s emergency call. Reports claim that Frechette”s wife was found locked in the upstairs bathroom of her home. She told police that she and Frechette had argued after which he pushed her, grabbed her and kicked her. Frechette had been drinking and admitted to police that he and his wife had been in a fight. Frechette’s wife told the police that he owned firearms in the trunk of his car and that during the fight he had threatened to kill her. Apparently Frechette keeps the car in which the firearms are stored in Malden. He has been charged in the Lynn District Court with Domestic Assault and Battery and Threatening to Commit a Crime. No Gun Charges have been filed however the police are applying for a Search Warrant to search the car for the weapons.

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Saugus, Massachusetts Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

Frechette’s defense in this case will largely depend on what his wife intends to do. Cases of Domestic Assault and Battery in Massachusetts are often impossible to prove without the cooperation and testimony of the victim. In Massachusetts spouses have an absolute privilege not to testify against their spouse. Thus, absent independent witnesses this case might be difficult to prove. The same logic applies for the gun charges that might issue. Even if the police find guns in Frechette’s trunk they will not likely be able to prove they were his without some corroboration. In this case, corroboration would come from the wife, the person who alerted the officers to their existence in the first place.

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