Salem Man Facing 7 Years For Cocaine Trafficking

Diomedes Junior Lugo and his mother’s boyfriend were fighting at their Leach Street home in Salem, Massachusetts on Wednesday. The concerned mother called the police who arrived shortly before 6:00 p.m. Neither the son nor the boyfriend were present initially. The police looked around and found the son, Lugo hiding in the basement. Lugo resisted their efforts to search him for weapons. Lugo started to cry and admitted to having cocaine in his pocket. It turns out the amount exceeded twenty eight grams. Lugo now stands charged with Trafficking Cocaine in Excess of 28 Grams, School Zone Violation, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine. Bail was set in the Salem District Court in the amount of ten thousand dollars. The case will be prosecuted in the Essex Superior Court.

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Salem Man, 20 Looking At 7 Year Mandatory For Cocaine Trafficking

Any Salem, Massachusetts Cocaine Trafficking Defense Lawyer can sense that something is terribly wrong with this story. If Lugo and and mother’s boyfriend are fighting and the boyfriend left the home he obviously knew that she had called the police. If he knew then Lugo knew as well. Why then would Lugo place an ounce of cocaine in his pocket? No one would. It is stupid. There must be many places where the cocaine could have been hidden until after the police left the premises. The article went on to say that the police believed that there was evidence that Lugo was selling cocaine. If he was a cocaine dealer selling from his home there would be no need to keep the substance on his person particularly where the police were on their way to the house. Lugo’s defense lawyer will most likely exploit these points.

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